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Techniques for Changing Sleeves

Learn how to change palpation sleeves quickly with Dr. Jen Roberts:

Dr. Roberts changing a palpation sleeve

Dr. Keith Sterner discusses equipment and supplies needed to use the 6-fingered SonoSleeve for ultrasound examination:

Dr. Sterner's outdoor demonstration

Dr. Keith Sterner demonstrates using the 6-fingered SonoSleeve for ultrasound examination:

Dr. Sterner's Indoor Demo

For an overview with Dr. Sterner:

Dr. Sterner Discusses Sleeve Changes

A Note from Dr. Sterner:

"During my years in active practice, I developed the idea for a 6 fingered disposable palpation sleeve that accommodates an ultrasound probe. It is intended to be changed between rectals. The idea was sold to and patented by a Danish veterinary company, Kruuse, which manufactures the sleeve. I have a business agreement with this company and receive a royalty for this product which is marketed under the brand name SonoSleeve, and sold in the United States by Jorgensen Laboratories of Loveland, Colorado."