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We would like to thank foremost all the dairy and beef producers who have allowed us to learn from their animals. We could not do this work without you. 

We are very grateful to our corporate partners at AntelBiosystems for the integral role they play in all the BLV research that is ongoing at MSU — and to their laboratory and administrative staff who've run all of the BLV ELISA testing and who help keep us organized. 

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of our partners at dairy herd improvement associations around the country: Dairy One Cooperative Inc., Lancaster DHIA, Northstar Cooperative DHI Services, Minnesota DHIA, Rocky Mountain DHIA, High Desert Dairy Lab, United Federation of DHIAs, DHI Cooperative Inc., and Texas DHIA. The management, field staff, and laboratory staff at each of these organizations have helped us tremendously in our research projects. Their contributions have been invaluable. 

We would also like to acknowledge David Wilson and Kerry Rood with Utah State University Extension for their work in identifying and enrolling dairy herds in the Utah/Idaho area. Without their contributions, we would not have been able to represent this region in our national study.

Thank You!


Minnesota DHIA


Lancaster DHIA

DHI cooperative



This material is based on work supported by the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture award numbers 2014-67015-21632 and 2014-68004-21881.